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For the most detailed dog training available, Activated Canine offers exclusive board & train programs that are highly effective, and show much quicker training results than in-person training. Unlike other traditional dog training programs, owner education is our number one priority so not only will we help train your dog, we’ll also train you the dog’s owner throughout their stay with us and again after.

Our board and train service is perfect for those owners who want help training their dogs, but feel as if they lack the time and ability to do it by themselves. We use proven methods to help smooth out mild behavioral problems, and assist your dog in learning the most important skills necessary to make their life and your life much easier.


During this four week boarding and training program your canine companion will come stay in a structured environment for a true and complete immersion. This allows us as dog trainers to jump-start your dog’s training and work intimately with them teaching polite manners, healthy habits and routines, solid modern obedience training, as well as a clear communication system that we’ll transfer over to you after your dog’s stay with us.

In addition, we’ll also work towards having a much more calmer, confident dog, who also listens better and try to create a stable – well balanced dog in the end. This is an ideal board and train service for anyone who wants their dog trained to an even greater standard.

Please be advised that dogs who suffer from more complexed behavioral issues such as nervousness, anxiety, aggression, etc. may require an extended stay as those dogs need more time to work with.

This program will cover the following:

price | $3600


This six week boarding and training program includes all of the benefits of our jumpstart package. In addition, we’ll also dive into more advanced and focused dog training, off-leash obedience, and an added proofing period that allows your dog to solidify their training with a more thorough social – conditioning process.

The end result will be a dog who is adjusted to a wide variety of situations and scenarios, who can also perform and be more reliable under varied circumstances. Ultimately, we’ll try to create a complete, stable, well balanced, and obedient dog at the end of this program.

This is the highest level of dog training that we offer and is ideal for those dog owners who want the highest level of control at home, out in public, inside shopping stores, restaurants, cafes, etc. We also recommend this program for mentally stable dogs who will work as a therapy or service dogs in the future. This is an ideal board and train service for anyone who wants their canine companion trained to an even greater standard

This program will cover the following:

price | $4800


Are you ready to get started with one of Southern California’s best board and train companies? Our Bakersfield team is ready to work with you and your canine. If you have questions about any of our programs, please feel free to contact us today.


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